Dear Christian Radio,

Look who is with us! Click here to see the logos of the stations and ministries who have already committed to the #ENCW Project.

If you join us by clicking here now or stopping by our booth at Momentum next week, you’ll be in some great company. But, what will your commitment mean?

First off, you’ll be setting a course to change the world. We are called to do it, we talk about it, and this is a real action step toward making it happen. We have a clear goal: Impact one billion lives in five years. The #ENCW Project scratches an itch most of us are feeling these days—to be a part of something greater than ourselves.  It’s a deep, expressed desire of the millennial generation to live a life with meaning, but truly, God has wired all of us this way.

Secondly, you get a way to share what God is doing through your ministry with others in our industry.  The whole point of #ENCW isn’t that Christian radio needs to do more, it’s that we need to do more of what we’re already doing, together. The diaper drives, food collections and coats for kids campaigns you are already doing are great. This project asks you to simply count up the monthly impact and share it with others to help us reach one billion lives in five years.

Third, you’ll get inspiration. Your stories of impact, photos, and videos will be shared on Dear Christian Radio.  Think of how inspiring and encouraging that will be to other stations and ministries! A side benefit of the #ENCW Project is idea sharing. What are you doing that stations in other markets might also want to do? How can their involvement lead to more impact and more people being helped in the name of Jesus? The #ENCW Project is the answer.

Fourth, you’ll get a helping hand. We’re assigning an #ENCW Partner Coordinator to journey alongside you. After signing up, there will be questions and maybe a few issues to resolve. That’s why your coordinator will be in touch every month to help you sort things out and make it easy to estimate your impact. They will even help make uploading images, video, and stories easy for you and your team.  If you don’t need their help…not a problem. Just know that they will be there for you every month, just in case you do.

Lastly, you’ll get some swag. To start with you’ll be eligible for two free #ENCW t-shirts. If you need more, you can order as many as you need though “The Shop”…plus, cool wristbands! If you haven’t seen the new #ENCW Project t-shirts and wristbands yet, be sure to stop by our booth at Momentum. They look great!  What’s more, all they say is #ENCW Project—no PAR logo or sponsors. This project isn’t about glorifying our station group or getting a “win” for anyone but Jesus.

And that brings me to an important point about the #ENCW Project and CMB. CMB has a goal to see Christian Radio impact 55 million listeners. Our goal is to impact one billion lives worldwide in five years. We don’t see those two as competing, but as complimentary. By working together to serve people in the name of Jesus, we believe the #ENCW Project will help stations attract more listeners. No doubt, there is a strong link between community building and cume building, and we’re seeing it work like never before. Now, we want to see our industry experience the same growth and blessings God is providing for us. It all started when we got serious about being the hands and feet of Christ in our community.

Dear Christian Radio…

…you are encouraged to sign up for the #ENCW Project. Do it now, or stop by our booth at Momentum to have a chat about how your station or organization can get involved and make this project work for you.


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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