and Assistant General Manager and Morning Show Co-Host, Positive Hits PER

With a B.A. and M.A. in Communication in hand, coupled with an M.S. in Information & Library Science, Megan joined Positive Hits PER in the summer of 2012 ready to impact lives for Christ. She had previously been in radio for about ten years, serving in various roles, including Marketing Director of a cluster of secular stations. So she brings a well-rounded view and strong work ethic to her role at Positive Alternative Radio.

In 2015, Megan stepped into the role of Assistant General Manager at Positive Hits PER and is striving to make a difference in the local team by building unity, creating an environment where everyone can share and grow together, and setting an example of leadership. 

As PAR’s Director of Engagement, Megan helps PAR’s family of stations stay connected with their communities.