What is #ENCW

We want to change the world…it’s really that simple. However, such undertakings don’t come easy. To win, we must be willing to do the hard things, to have the uncomfortable conversations, to be introspective, and then, be willing to do the work. #ENCW is belief put into action. It is honest, vibrant ministry set atop the foundational tenets of ones own mission and vision. Get this right and everything else falls into place. It takes grit. It takes effort, but Easy Never Changed the World. 

#ENCW Articles

Changing the world begins with smart leadership. PAR offers a candid look at what it means to live #ENCW in its Dear Christian Radio series.

#ENCW (2016)

Easy Never Changed The World 7.19.16 Brian Sanders
God Uses The Brokenness 7.26.16 Jessica Thomas
The Discipline of Appreciation 8.2.16 Daniel Britt
Mission In Action 8.7.16 Megan Billingsley
The Donor is in the Details 8.16.16 Kayla Sanders
What if… 8.22.16 Eddie Baker
How Today Affects Your Future                                                                          8.30.16 Brian Sanders

#ENCW: The Next Steps (2016)

#ENCW: The Next Steps 9.9.16 Brian Sanders
#ENCW Question 1: Dream Again 9.20.16 Brian Sanders
#ENCW Question 2: Hard Conversations 9.27.16 Brian Sanders
#ENCW Question 3: Inspire Them 10.4.16 Brian Sanders
#ENCW Question 4: Thank Your Way To Growing Income  10.12.16 Jerry Grimes
#ENCW Question 5: Culture of Appreciation 10.19.16 Daniel Britt

#ENCW Perspectives (2016-2017)

 Let’s Get Real                                                                                                               10.26.16  Nathan Gist
 Web Streaming: From Good to Great  10.28.16  David Hodges
 Producing Results       11.7.16  Adam McCain
 Love Thy P1 Listeners…And Win!  11.15.16  Frankie Morea
 You Are A Light  11.22.16  Derek Withrow
 What’s on the Cutting Room Floor  11.29.16  Randy Pierce
 The Wall  12.6.16  Colleen Larkins
 The Gift of Christmas  12.12.16  John Long
 Empowerment  1.3.17  Eddie Baker
 It’s All About Perspective  1.10.17  Megan Billingsley

The #ENCW Way (2017)

 The #ENCW Way                                                                                   1.17.17  Brian Sanders
 Be Passionate  1.24.17  Jeremy Wolfe
 Be Caring 2.1.17   Kayla Sanders
Be The Standard 2.7.17 Frankie Morea


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