Dear Christian Radio,

So, are you a details person? You know…the kind of person who loves to dive deep and look at things from all angles. Well, you’re not alone. Christian radio is full of analytical types who can’t get enough of the numbers, supporting facts, and critical data that become the framework for overcoming challenges and meeting opportunities head on.

Friend, you have a standing invitation to join the #ENCW Project. Yet something is holding you back. Perhaps the broad, sweeping theme of this movement has left you wanting even more details. My guess is that you want to get involved, but you don’t know enough about the #ENCW Project to feel comfortable becoming our newest partner. No worries…just keep reading.

What is the #ENCW Project?

There has never been anything quite like the #ENCW Project; it’s a new idea. Like so many other firsts, the Project may be easier to define by what it’s not!  Here are the facts:

The ENCW Project isn’t…

  • …a fundraising scheme. We’re not asking for money.
  • …an airtime-based campaign. We’re not asking you for airtime.
  • …a star vehicle for any one person or PAR. This isn’t going to make anyone famous.
  • …a gimmick. It’s simply about the Gospel; if you choose to take part, see that it remains about that…and only that.


Now that you know what it’s not, we can better explain what it is…

The #ENCW Project is bringing Christian radio and other ministries together to share the love of God in a focused, practical way.

We all know that the world we live in today is full of skeptics. We also know that people won’t believe the Gospel just because we tell them about it. If we are to change the world, we must first show the world what applied faith looks like. They have to see that Jesus is for real through real examples of changed lives. Often the best way to start that conversation is through some selfless act of love. 

Chances are your radio station or ministry is already doing things like diaper drives, canned food collections, coats for kids and other local outreach. Equally, you’re probably impacting the world through child sponsorships, by digging wells or providing other needed relief in developing nations. The simple idea behind #ENCW is why not combine what you are already doing with what others are doing, and challenge ourselves to do more?

Our goal is simple: 1 billion lives in 5 years. Having a stated goal makes this REAL. The hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of lives being impacted through your station will be combined with those of other stations and count as an impact. Each life touched counts as an impact. Together, we’re going to reach a billion of those by 2022.

We’re trying to see if Christian radio can work together toward this common goal, to count the cost, and to make one powerful impact.

How Do You Get Started?

It’s easy. Just click here and let us know you’re in. Want a conversation? Click here to email me. We’ll set up a call and I’ll be sure to give you all the details—because I know how much you love them!

What Happens Next?

  • Each month a PAR team member will contact you.
  • You’ll receive monthly industry updates detailing the progress of the #ENCW Project.
  • We will highlight your work and what you’re doing.
  • Together, we will unify Christian radio and Christian ministry with a laser focus.


We invite you to join us in changing the world. The first step is a click awayplus, you’ll be eligible for two (2) complimentary t-shirts when you join.


Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio

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