Dear Christian Radio,

You probably work hard to make sure that you can be the best you can be. Whether it’s ratings success, meeting your fundraising goals or pulling off a great promotion, I’m sure that you and your team want to win.  Focus. Goals. Repeat.

If you’re not careful, so much of work life can be spent sacrificing your own personal life: blood, sweat, and tears. In doing so, you can easily become possessive and very protective of your turf. That’s the competitor in you.

Let’s see if you’ve caught yourself in any of these scenarios:

  • Visiting an industry website and seeing other station’s having greater success than you.
  • Another Christian station or translator comes to town and you get angry.
  • You keep trying, but the results you’re looking for are elusive.


If I were being completely honest with you, I’ve experienced all of those in the past year. I’ve learned that gritty competitors can often sabotage their own strategy and happiness by allowing comparison to creep in.

When I learned about the #ENCW Project it became one of those things to help combat the desperate art of comparison. Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB) is a wonderful way to unite us, and #ENCW goes even a step further to unite us by making a difference…together through local, national, and international projects. 

You may already be doing these kinds of fundraising/making a difference campaigns, so #ENCW is just asking you to commit to tracking them with the rest of us. I’ve been tracking these sorts of projects for years, and it makes an easy reference if you ever apply for CMB’s Station of the Year. It’s proof of ministry.

At 104.9 the River, we have committed to welcoming other ministries in for their own on-air fundraiser, or as our Sharathon add-on, seven times each year. That doesn’t even count a back-to-school backpack drive or any of the other smaller community projects we take on as a station, as a team or as individuals.

You don’t have to do seven. If you do one this year, your results will help the #ENCW Project get one step closer to reaching the goal!

God is doing amazing work through you and your radio station. Please accept the challenge to just document it so the whole world can see—and so that we may cheer you on, too!  Turn the focus away from comparison and onto all of the lives being changed around the world through God using our unique stations.

In the next few years, I believe that God can use us as a united front to meet legitimate needs, provide hope, and offer comfort in our cities and around the world!  It’s exciting to think about our stations partnering with local and international ministries that are on the ground doing the one-on-one work—the stuff we can’t do every day.  God is using the dollars raised from our listeners to make an impact way beyond our expectations.

Now may be the time to think outside of your station, links arms with a competitor, and share the stories of how God is using you and your team to change the world.

So, please pray about your involvement. Thanks for considering your part. If God leads you, please join the cause.


Todd Stach
CCO/Director of Programming
104.9 the River

Todd Stach
About this Guest Writer

Originally from Canton, Ohio Todd Stach didn’t make it to the NFL as he had dreamed. Jumping into radio in 1994, Todd has had stops in Cincinnati, Fort Myers, Cleveland, and Columbus.  He has served at 104.9 the River in many roles, and his most recent as Chief Creative Officer/Director of Programming. Todd and his wife Hillary have three children; a Yorki-Poo named Chester, and live just outside of Columbus, Ohio.



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