Dear Christian Radio,

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life”?  At first glance one might read this quote and interpret it to say, “If I love my job then my workday will never feel like the typical workday, which is long, drawn out, and potentially met with dread and ended with relief.”  Spoiler Alert: This is NOT what this statement is conveying.

For the sake of this blog, let’s reword this quote to say this: “If I am PASSIONATE about my mission and vision then I will gladly invest the blood, sweat, and tears to see it become a reality.” The key phrase here is, “If I am passionate.…”

If passion is the key to achieving a particular mission and vision, then how does someone know when he or she has found it?  How does one keep it?  The answer to the first question is simple…you’ll just know. However, the answer to the second question requires identifying the qualities most often found in passionate people.

  • Excitement – Are you excited about your work? Are you excited about what your station or organization is doing?  It’s far too easy for us to question what we’re doing; but in the end, what really matters is how much we enjoy the process.  Even if you have to write it down and hang it on the wall, remind yourself why your work excites you.


  • Determination – Sometimes results don’t come overnight. Many people mistake a temporary failure for a permanent one.  News Flash: There are no permanent failures, only learning opportunities. Sometimes being passionate doesn’t always feel like it did on Day One. That’s ok. Be determined to press on towards the goal.  You’ll find that spark again.


  • Happiness – It’s no wonder that happiness is a key part of keeping your passion. Are you doing what makes you, You? Are you in the right seat?  Are you on the right bus?  Ask yourself these questions and be brave enough to change your circumstances if your answer is, “No.”

So, what is passion?  Any of us can Google the word and find its literal meanings, but I like to think of it as this: Our God given connection between our heart, our talent, and His call on our lives.  According to that definition, if we find our passion, we can truly change the world!

Dear Christian Radio…

  1. Be excited about the work you and your station are doing every day.
    2. Believe that your work is making a difference. If you doubt this, talk to your listeners.
    3. Know that you can change the world, if you love what you do. Now…go do it!


#ENCW  –

Jeremy Wolfe
Director of PAR Events
Positive Alternative Radio
General Manager Walk FM

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